Press Room

Spring / Summer 2017

The Antipodean – is a narrative interpretation of two opposites individual looking past their struggles and hurdles who finally emerges and discovered their true potential. Going through the motions and daily monotony - our demure heroine hides from the world as she struggles to live up to the expectation of others and wishes she can be more exciting and spontaneous. #Nose SS’17 - Met her complete opposite who is an antipode to our timid heroine - different yet complements each other and conform to a perfect pair who embraces individuality.
Sizing Chart



All of our shoes are based on EUROPE size chart. To find your best fit, kindly refer to the size guides below:


Make sure your foot is on a flat surface, and measure the length from the tip of your most top toes to the end of your heel.


Check the length of your foot against the Size Chart (EUROPE) below.


Size Conversion

Use the Size Chart (INTERNATIONAL) below to convert to EUROPE size.