GST is implemented in Malaysia with effect from 1 April 2015 at the rate of 6%. It will replace the existing sales tax and service tax. Prices of merchandise and services provide by NOSE and/or its affiliates, being GST registered company(ies), is displayed as inclusive of GST.


For purchase, delivery and/or usage based outside of Malaysia jurisdiction, the price displayed which inclusive of GST is absolute and there will be no refund of to the purchaser or receiver.


This GST implementation is subject to any revision of the rate of GST, from time to time. 


For more information on GST, please refer to the GST Act 2014 published in the gazette on 19 June 2014 and the GST Regulations 2014 issued on 30 June 2014. GST is under the jurisdiction of the Royal Malaysian Customs Department ("Customs Department").